EXPROMO LEUROCOM® - electronic displays

Tailor-Made Solutions

LED Systems for every Demand

Every LEUROCOM® display is a client-specific solution, from the LED to the customized software for the client and project.

A Product only becomes a solution when all components exist in perfect harmony.

In addition to our ability to customize individual products, we also work with our clients to develop project-specific software when needed. We provide our customers with extensive support and assistance every step oft he way.

Thorough individual customer service is of great importance to LEUROCOM®. Full attention is given to individual customer requirements, such as competent consultation, initial planning, development and project management, the complete construction of housing, mechanics and electronics and the application of adequate software, delivery, installation, service and maintenance

Our products can be manufactured in various configurations that perfectly harmonize material and technical components and lead to attractive product design.


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Brilliant Color Illumination of Large Facade Surfaces

Illumesh® lets you illuminate large sections of facades with multiple colors. Round forms holding LED lights are interwoven to an outer mesh using special mountings. The mesh is thus illuminated indirectly and can display dazzling color sequences or animated graphics. How the illumination is perceived changes as the viewer moves.

Illumesh® turns your facade into a spectacle of the night – dynamic, colorful and magical.

Illumesh® is a joint development of GKD Gebr. Kufferath AG and Leurocom.

Single Dot®

Facade Effects with Independent LEDs

The unique Single Dot® technology opens an unlimited spectrum of possibilities in the arrangement of LED pixels – flat, semicircular, spherical or suspended.

The various LEDs are individually mounted. Only connected to each other by wires, they can be integrated into a facade in any group or stand-alone pattern of your choosing. The performance of the media design ranges from atmospherically illuminated facades to graphics, video and animations that can be displayed in a completely unique way.